10 Reasons Why you Love to Visit Chandigarh

Whenever the question comes in “which city do you love the most?” Chandigarh comes top on the list. Chandigarh is unique in its own sense is one of the cleanest and purist cities in India. Let’s first talk about the reasons why we love Chandigarh. So the followings are the reasons why we people love Chandigarh:-

1. Chandigarh is famous for greenery and is treated as the cleanest city in India. It is very pure and at every junction and street, there are big trees which promotes a clean environment and makes the city go green.

2. The planning in Chandigarh is very superb everything is systematic here. The lights the signals, the schools and proper sanitisation facilities are the centre of attraction.

3. Many Punjabi songs and Hindi songs have been shot in Chandigarh which makes the city more famous among other people.

4. Apart from the above, The shopping systems like big malls namely Elante, North country Mall are also peoples attractions because it has good brands where they can just go and buy their favourite products.

5. The people of Chandigarh are open and broadminded they are very adaptable to change which makes that this city is sophisticated.


6. If you talk about the education system in Chandigarh, this is the best one. Many famous universities and colleges like Panjab University, SD College, DAV College are the names where people from across the world come and study to pursue their dreams.

7. It has also beautiful spots to visit on weekends or any other occasion the places are Sukhna Lake, Rose Garden Forest Hill resorts et cetera.

8. Now let’s talk about the food, food here is one of the best food ever. Chandigarh has every type of cuisine if you talk about Italian, Chinese, Pakistani, Hyderabadi and others many restaurants offer all almost all the cuisine, which people love it.

9. The administration in Chandigarh is amazing. The government take decisions very quickly without any delay this keeps us the trust of the public towards the government.

10. In the spring season, Chandigarh is one of the best cities to visit because it is purely natured attractive and we get to see a lot of nature during the spring season.

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