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    3 Ways To Recover From A Burnout And Feel Like Yourself Again

    The day starts with an alarm blaring at your bedside table and you struggling to even open your eyes, let alone get out of bed. Somehow, you drag yourself to freshen up, get ready and start with your day that feels more like a punishment than anything else. There was a time when you would love to kickstart your day with a hot cup of coffee, but now you haven’t left your home yet but you feel tired already. 

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    Work doesn’t feel fulfilling, conversations don’t seem interesting and no amount of sleeping in helps you with feeling tired and exhausted. 

    If you too are living a similar version of a life, barely being able to pull yourself through the day, then chances are that you’re suffering from a burnout. An abbreviation of chronic stress that leads to intense physical and mental exhaustion, several people have been experiencing a burnout lately, especially post covid. 

    Here are 3 ways to recover from such a burnout and feel like yourself again.

    1) Identify Your Stressors

    One of the most crucial steps, in order to recover from a burnout, is to be able to recognize and pinpoint the stressors in your life that are leading you to this mental and physical exhaustion. Identifying such stress triggers will help you not just to navigate your way through life without added anxiety but will also help you transition into a better state of mind.

    Once you’ve found such triggers, make an active effort to steer clear of them in order to improve your mental health.

    2) Journal Your Feelings

    A rather underrated but effective method to deal with a burnout is to develop a habit of journaling. Journal writing includes writing down about your day, your feelings and simply finding an outlet for your deepest thoughts, which makes it an excellent emotional decompressor. Of course, habit forming may take time, but it is a good way to recover from mental exhaustion and even finding a connection with yourself.

    3) Build A Support Network

    Most of the time, we may be suffering from a burnout but we don’t even recognise it. And in those weak and dull moments, if we further alienate ourselves from our family and friends, it makes matters worse. Therefore, a good way to get through such a burnout without losing touch to yourself is by surrounding yourself with people you can trust and lean on.

    Whether you’re reaching out to your family members, friends and colleagues or a professional therapist, it is advised to not try to handle it alone. After all, sometimes just knowing that you have someone to fall back upon is a healer in itself. 


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