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    5 Amanraj Gill Songs Explained That Cater To Every Mood

    Amanraj Gill is like the current wave of Dolo-650 in our lives. You might not have consumed it, but it’s present everywhere, and it’s a part of all our lives. Jokes apart, Amanraj Gill is making some banger music and in less than 8 years, he has started changing how the world consumes and perceives Haryanvi Music.

    While the generic perception is around Haryanvi singers talking about a Boster Beats, a ‘Dhupchik Dhupchik DJ Song’ or other vain materialistic Haryanvi music, Amanraj Gill’s songs are more like life advice packed in a box of candy.

    So if you’re a fan then you may agree with my humble opinion, but in case you are not and you’ve been trying to convert that one friend, then allow us to recommend what song to send for what mood:

    1. Badmash Pakka

    This track from his latest album is very simple in nature. In which the girl’s family gets the girl married to the youth president of her college, the girl tells her mother about the boy, but when she meets the boy, she realizes that she was wrong about him. . Rest you know about Amnaraj’s swag, how he wins the hearts of people with his voice and music, you will enjoy more in the video.

    2. Ek Tu Mila

    You’ve heard the breakup song, you’ve heard the song on a girl cheating on her guy and moving on while the guy is cursing her. Well, Amanraj Gill tells you how karma works. He says on behalf of the girl in this that ‘Yeh Tera Husan hai dal jayega, mera bus time hai nikal jayega and the world listening to the world is big enough, somewhere will be lost’ You know how they say wish them all the best and Go ahead? Just add music to that feeling.

    3. Yaar Badmash

    A personal favourite, I love the song’s simple analogy. Move over Heer-Ranjha, this girl is being told about friend friendship, how is my life. The song tells how the girl is calling Amnaraj’s friends gangsters and how Amnaraj is praising his friends.

    4. Desi Blood

    If you have not heard this song then you are not sure about Haryanvi, even today every Haryanvi would listen to this song when he gets intoxicated among friends, in Desi Blood Song, Aman Raj is telling about different cities of entire Haryana. how are his friends there

    5. Thikane

    This song talks about how a girl has the power of converting a gangster into a saint. How beautiful is that?


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