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    5 Iconic Gajender Phogat Songs That We Still Can’t Get Enough Of

    Of the very few (barely a couple) things we are thankful to Haryana for, is their music and singing talents like Pandit Lakmai Chand and Foji Jat Mehar Singh. 

    However, the 90s kids have a very special bond with Haryanvi’s Songs. 

    We all have shared Gajender Phogat’s songs via Bluetooth on our keypad phones during classes, listened to ‘Aaj Rang Cha Se’ for hours picturing our crush and sang ‘Pani Ankhya Ka’ to heal from our first heartbreak. 

    The reason a lot of guys learned villain was his rendition of ‘Yaad Karegi’ that was basically every herat broken favourite song at the time. 

    His music and distinct voice is unparalleled and no one from the fresh crop of singers right now can take his place, especially, for those who have listened to his songs in sickness and in health, back in school and college. 

    Since it’s today Music world, here’s celebrating the day by remembering all his iconic songs that got us through our love problems and also proved that if anything can unite Brotherhood and Culture, it’s Gajender Phogat’s voice. 

    1. Pani Ankhya Ka

    Not only we hummed the tunes of this song as kids but also tried to imitate his drunken man’s voice. Plus, it was the breakup anthem for our generation.

    2. Pehle Jaisa Haryana Na Raha

    The beats of this song coupled with Gajender Phogat’s voice made it a smashing hit back in the old Haryanvi Culture. The song still hits you hard when you fall in love at first sight.  

    3. Wa Kit Badgi 

    If you haven’t spent nights listening to this song while mustering up the courage to tell your crush how you feel, are you even Gaender’s fan?

    4. Chori Scooti Aali

    Another gem from the Gajender Phogat, this song was the new-age version of Aamir’ Khans ‘Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar’ for 90s kids. 

    Also, who remembers singing the English lyrics ‘shining in the setting sun like a pearl upon the ocean’ all wrong? 

    5. Pyare Bhagat Singh Sardar

    We cannot imagine anyone else singing this song other than Gajender Phogat. He has sung this true heartbeat song with so much conviction, that you cannot listen to it without remembering a lost Young Blood of India. 

    Does anyone else suddenly miss his voice? Time for a Gajender music marathon!


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