#5 in India Today, Sardar Ka Grandson on Netflix

Netflix is currently the most in-use platform to watch movies and series. People in lockdown seek activities that interest them and keep them happy. One such Bollywood movie that you might love to watch with your family is Sardar Ka Grandson. It is a Hindi-language-comedy film that was released on Netflix on 18 May 2021. 

It is a 2-hour long movie that will interest you till the end with waves of laughter and sentimental scenes. It is directed by Kaashvie Nair, casting Arjun Kapoor, Neena Gupta, and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles. 

It is a story of an affectionate grandson’s mission to fulfil the last wish of his ailing grandmother. 

Grandmother, Sardar Kaur wishes to visit the home she built with her husband in Lahore, Pakistan. He runs here and there just to fulfill Sardar’s wish. Trying to get her VISa even though her application was rejected. Her ailment was not allowing her to travel.

During the whole haywire process, Amreek, Sardar Ka Grandson, learned from his ex-girlfriend Radha, that houses could be transplanted from one place to another. This idea struck his mind and he went on with the hurdles to fulfill Sardar’s need.

This shows how attached he was to his grandmother. Losing her could be a devastating incident in his life. Instead of focusing on that, he decided to focus on her happiness. 

It is a very loving, emotional yet comedy-drama that will light up your faces with a smile.

Do watch it.

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