7 Harsh Truths About Love You’ll Understand Only If You’ve Ever Got Your Heart Broken

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They said they loved you. All of them. And yet, here you are still clinging on to whatever remains of their presence in your life, all alone. You thought it’d last forever, you put in all you could, you did things you never would and it all came crashing down one day. None of it helped. To get your heart broken is probably one of the hardest things in life. And the worst part is, you never really heal from it, not always. But that’s life. If you always knew how things would turn out, there’d be no reason to live. Happiness lies in acceptance. And acceptance comes from letting go of what could be. Because if it really could be, it would be. But there’s a time for every lesson in life and nothing teaches you more about love than a heart break. If you’ve just got your heart broken, accepting these 7 truths about love would make life a lot happier.

1. Not everyone who loves you deserves you. And more importantly, not everyone who loves you, values you. It’s better to step away than to be taken for granted every day in a relationship.

2. Just because it’s love, doesn’t mean it’s permanent. Sometimes, the greatest love stories are also the shortest ones.  Love is never eternal, the stories are.

3. Sometimes, people simply fall out of love. It’s not their fault. It’s just unfortunate. It will hurt. It always does, to be the one who still wants them, even make you feel foolish. But love isn’t always fair and you got to accept that. The best they could have done for you is to be honest with you.


4. You will never know if it was true love or just attraction. And you don’t need to. You may look back at those days and think it was just naivety, but if it made you go weak in the knees, if it made you feel that headrush like never before, it probably was love. You can’t define love. Love is in fact, what you can’t define. You change as you grow up and so does your idea of love.

5. We often mistake the perfect person for the right one. Yes, they’re different – the one we want to believe is right for us, and the one who actually is. And as unfortunate as it may sound, you can only tell the difference when you actually meet the right one.

6. Not everyone is going to love you as much as you love them. One person will always love more than the other. And it sucks to be that one because the one who’s less invested calls the shots, always.

7. We don’t fear moving on because we think we cannot. We fear it because we know we can. We fear that one day none of this matter. And that’d hurt. So, we cling on to whatever of it because we’d rather hide in the ruins than build a whole city again.

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