8 Reasons Why You Are Actually Better Off Being Single On Valentine’s Day

Let’s cut the chase and address the elephant in the room, the fact that single folks face an extremely agonizing challenge during the V-Day month. It might mean cuddly bears and tempting heart-shaped truffles for the ones in love, but it also comes with an ocean of roses, outrageously expensive dinners and cliché greeting cards. 

Source: Tenor

When so-in-love couples stare deeply into one another’s eyes over an overpriced meal in a crowded and cliche restaurant, we singles can do whatever the heck we want. Here are the reasons to prove that being single is a blessing in disguise for you on Valentine’s Day. 

1. No Stress For A Perfect Date

You don’t need to strain your eyes by searching for ideas for a picture-perfect date. From hunting down the perfect location to picking the ideal presents, you can have a hassle-free day.