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    9 Bollywood Movies Where The Hero Handled Rejection ‘Like A Man’

    Leave me alone fair, I was nearly enticed to compose, will refresh this rundown when Bollywood quits glamorizing following as a reaction to dismissal. Yet, I dove profound into the historical backdrop of Bollywood, lastly, discovered motion pictures where the legend is dismissed by his affection interest, however, he acts ‘like a man’ for example he acknowledges the dismissal, doesn’t badger the lady continually and attempts to continue ahead.

    These Hindi-language films are not ideal, but rather they are still better compared to most with regards to exhibiting saints taking care of dismissal:

    1. Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa

    One of the better heartfelt shows to emerge from Bollywood, Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa gave us the main saint who was defective however relatable. What’s more, more critically, one who discovered that affection can not be constrained. He may have attempted to charm back his woman love through shrewd procedures, yet his activities were not compensated by adoration and his excursion brought about his own development. Well, that is reformist.

    2. Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

    A romantic tale that discussed uneven love without vain behaviours or acting, Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu tracked down the ideal lead, in Rahul (yes there exists a non-risky male lead in a Bollywood film named Rahul). Rahul comprehended that Riana couldn’t respond to his sentiments and consequently, he acknowledged his place as her companion, without coercing her into adjusting her perspective. For hell’s sake, there wasn’t so much as a terrible tune.

    3. Ahista

    While Ankush’s destiny leaves you crushed, he likewise remains as an update that regardless of whether you turn for what seems like forever around to intrigue a young lady, she doesn’t owe you anything consequently. Since the choice to change your life was yours, and not hers.

    4. Lakshya

    Indeed, yes I know, Karan, at last, gets along with Romila. Be that as it may, he, and accordingly the film, make it to the rundown in view of how he manages Romila unloading him. He doesn’t lash out or fault her. But instead, chooses to grow up and make a big deal about his life. Basically, he understands that he can at this point don’t take care of business kid. Furthermore, when he abandons reviving a relationship with Romila, in light of the fact that he is still mad about the manner in which things finished, he doesn’t fault her for continuing onward or takes out his dissatisfaction on another lady. He manages a wrecked heart with development – something regularly discovered missing in Bollywood’s legends.

    5. SIR

    Rohena Gera’s heartfelt show talented us a saint who had none of the ‘macho’ hardships that Bollywood’s driving men appear to have reserved. Ashwin didn’t confront dismissal on the grounds that Ratna cherished him, but instead, disregarding it. She realized love needed to assume a lower priority in relation to her fantasies. Also, Ashwin comprehended and regarded her decision enough to give her the space to develop without compelling her to pick.

    6. Barfi!

    Indeed, Barfi eventually discovered love in Jhilmil. Be that as it may, he likewise confronted his first tragedy with Shruti. But then, that didn’t transform him into a solidified soul who suffocated in beverages and intemperance (here’s taking a gander at you, Kabir Singh). Maybe he reconciled with the way that Shruti picked an alternate life and kept on focusing on, and at last fall for, Jhilmil. Since “not all men” go to implosion after the tragedy.

    7. Kuch Hota Hai

    Trust me, when I previously considered everything, this passage astonished me as well. In any case, on the off chance that you see what occurs with Aman in the film, you will concur with me. He may not be the main legend, yet he *is* left at the raised area, in a real sense. But then, he acknowledges it, since he knows his significant other to-be isn’t actually enamoured with him. Was it sensational? Damnation definitely. Did the film have different issues? Twofold yes. In any case, Aman showed us that it’s not affirming to compel somebody to wed you in the event that they don’t cherish you – independent of how you feel.

    8. Simple Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai

    Anjali picks Rohit to be her life accomplice, and he even has her parent’s endorsement. But then, he is left at the special raised area. And keeping in mind that he puts forth a solid defence for characters who merited better, what we can’t deny is that his reaction to dismissal is the lone right reaction. You don’t “overcome” ladies, you love them, and on the off chance that they don’t cherish you back, you acknowledge it.

    Is there a film you’d add to the rundown? Tell us in the remarks segment underneath.


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