A COVID ‘short’ film dispels misinformation about the vaccine

A Delhi-based filmmaker joins hands with two senior doctors and a Brit actor to make CoVidGo, a film that hopes to counter vaccine hesitancy

A still from CoVidGo

Even though COVID-19 vaccines are being made available across the world, vaccine hesitancy is proving to be a huge impediment in fighting the spread of Coronavirus. Sensing the need to create more awareness around the issue, Amit Agarwal, a filmmaker and film market consultant, has made CoVidGo, the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine film. “In August 2020, I was approached by a doctor who suggested that I make a film on the pandemic. I worked on various ideas, but none of them appealed to me. It wasn’t until January, when I came across media reports about apprehensions regarding the vaccine that I felt something needed to be done. It was an issue of conflict, as many doctors too, were worried about taking the vaccine,” recalls the Delhi-based filmmaker Agarwal. “It was then that the present script took concrete shape.”

CoVidGo’s cast Dr KK Khanna, Dr Swarupa Mitra, Elizabeth Schenk and Vineeta Guriar

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