Adult Star Poonam Pandey Is Pregnant With Sam Bombay? Reacts, “Zabaradasti Mat Banao”

Numerous reports had as of late been guaranteeing that Poonam Pandey is a half year pregnant.

Trust Poonam Pandey to do the most bizarre things conceivable. The grown-up star blamed her better half for attacking, attacking and compromising her in Goa last year. A police case was documented after which Sam Bombay was captured and later delivered on bail. The couple is presently back together again yet what’s snatching eyeballs are the pregnancy bits of gossip! Peruse on for every one of the subtleties.

In the first place, after all the show, Poonam and Sam are back together. The model as of late affirmed their compromise and referenced that she ‘saved their marriage.’ But is the couple wanting to make the following large stride in their relationship and welcome parenthood?

Numerous reports had as of late been asserting that Poonam Pandey is a half year pregnant. Responding to everything in a discussion with Zoom, the grown-up star said, “Zabaradasti pregnant mat banao.” Just not that, she even added that she will disseminate desserts the day she’s expecting and her life is basically very easy to read.
Opening about her compromise with Sam Bombay, Poonam Pandey added, “We are arranged. I saved my marriage. Agar kisi se pyar kia hai toh aap itni jaldi surrender kaise kar sakte ho (on the off chance that you love somebody, how might you surrender unexpectedly early)? I comprehend issues hoti hain however chance banta hai, in the event that you have cherished somebody (I concur issues can happen, yet a single possibility should be given).”

The model additionally uncovered that they’re carrying on with a cheerful life in the midst of the pandemic. “Khaane mein kum namak dalti hu (I put less salt in my food). I will open a YouTube channel. My cooking is at another level. Taj fizzle hai. I have a wonderful cottage in Bandra and I cook well indeed. My significant other is a culinary expert and I have taken in a ton from him,” Poonam Pandey added.

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