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Pardhaan is one of the most amazing rappers of India. He is the most lyrical rapper right now in the rap scene. The unique thing about Pardhaan is his ability to switch between goofy and serious raps. Just like Bohemia started Punjabi rap , Pardhaan started Haryanvi rap. Yes, Pardhaan is the pioneer of Haryanvi Rap. If you listen to his songs you will feel how deep his roots go as a rapper from Haryana. You all must have listened to Pardhaan’s Songs ‘Gaadi’, ‘Haryana Roadways’,’ Aam Jehe Munde’ etc but how many of you know about his struggle story.

Pardhaan Rapper  Struggle Story

How Pardhaan thought of becoming a rapper-

  • Pardhaan was born on 11 December 1993 in a middle-class family.
  • He completed his schooling from Karnal. Pardhaan was always the’shy kid’ so he made very few friends in school and mostly kept to himself.
  • He was a smart student, he loved to read Hindi books. Pardhaan found the power of Hindi words fascinating and would study the dictionary to expand his vocabulary.
  • Pardhaan was fond of singing since childhood but he started writing also when he was in 8th class.  One of his friends advised him to start rapping as he was a very good writer.
  •  At 17, he began rapping with few of his friends and made a group ‘Desi Beam‘. They frequently skipped class to participate in freestyle rap.

Pardhaan rapper songs, wiki, bio, struggle story

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