Amey Wagh on Zombivli: In a film like zombie comedy, you can’t really go prepared on set

In an interaction with, Amey Wagh revealed how he shot for the movie Zombivli, his chemistry with Vaidehi Parshurami, and the challenges of playing his character in this horror-comedy.

Amey Wagh/picture courtesy: PR

Zombivli, starring Amey Wagh, Vaidehi Parshurami and Lalit Prabhakar, has created a buzz online with its unique content in the Marathi film industry. The entire teaser outshines with its unique story-telling, gritty scenes, apt gruesome creatures, making this one of the much-awaited zombie-movies in the world of regional cinema.

Speaking about the storyline, Zombivli follows an urban tale of Sudhir and Seema, a newly married middle-class couple, who live a life without hardship while Vishwas, a slum dweller, dreams of dignity for his people. Their lives collide as post nightfall the town fills up with ominous cries and moans that don’t belong to people – they belong to zombies.

In an interaction with, Amey Wagh revealed how he shot for the movie, his chemistry with Vaidehi, and the hardships he came across as he plays a different character in this horror-comedy. The upcoming genre has seen a handful of movie releases in Bollywood, and now, the Marathi industry, too, is trying its hand on the same. Well, as the film hits the theatres in April 2021, here’s what Amey has to share with the audience about his upcoming drama.

When asked about the preparations he had to go through before hitting the sets, Amey shared, “Honestly, there was no preparation as such because it is just that you have to stay in the moment and be reactive to the situations that are happening around you. The preparation was mostly on the look of the character and my chemistry with Vaidehi and Lalit.”


Amey Wagh further added, “We did spend some time before the shoot, rehearsing the scenes but we wanted to keep it very organic because it is a zombie comedy and in a film like that, you can’t really go prepared on set – as in like you can’t really be prepared with, as a lot of improvisations are happening on set. So, we just wanted to keep ourselves open and stay true to the character that we are playing. Otherwise, we improvised a lot, we stayed in the moment and we reacted well to each other and that was how it went throughout the shoot.”  

“Yes, we did a few workshops, as in – we actually performed the scenes, we stood and blocked the scenes as you do in a play just to get comfortable. We also dressed up in our costumes and tried to do the scenes because that actually helps you a lot. It helps your body posture, your body language and everything. So, that’s how we approached our characters,” quipped the actor when quizzed about the workshops he attended before preparing himself for this horror-comedy.

Zombivli is directed by Aditya Sarpotdar and stars Amey Wagh, Lalit Prabhakar and Vaidehi Parashurami in lead roles. Based on the unique premise of zombies taking over a popular and busy Mumbai suburb, the film was the first film to get off the blocks to shoot once the unlock rules came into effect. It’s the first Marathi film to announce its theatrical release date of April 30, 2021.

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