Amir Khan and Pooja Dutt’s movie “Dil hai ke manta nahi” completes 30 years in the industry

Pooja Bhatt uploads an appreciation post for “ DIL HAI KE MANTA NAHI” as they complete 30 years of its release. The film was released on 12th July 1991.

Pooja and the whole cast of the movie “Dil hai ke manta nahi” became very emotional & nostalgic while posting a picture in an Instagram post and admitted the fact that the movie was “ risky”.

Dil hai ke manta nahi is more than a film. It’s a feeling, which has emotions of everyone. The shows innocence. It’s a long love story. People who saw the movie became crazy over the back story of it. The film featured the actor as an heiress who runs away from home to be with her movie star boyfriend ( Sameer) but meets Amir’s Raghu on the way and falls in love with him. The whole public is really attached to this remarkable piece of art as this movie is their favourite of all time. Pooja Bhatt, the lead actress in this movie, shared an emotional posted and quoted that this movie was ‘risky’. She stated in the caption that :
“#30yrs of #dilhaikemantanahin today.

The images have faded with time. The feeling the film still evokes stands the test of time.

Gratitude to #GulshanKumar for backing my father’s vision & bankrolling a film that most Industry experts considered very risky considering it was about a woman who runs away from home to marry a man and then runs away from the ‘mandap’ to marry another man, that too with her father’s blessings.

#DHKMN is more than a film. It is a feeling. It is nostalgia. It is innocence. It is love & longing, for a time we have all lived, dreamed in and lost. This is why it belongs more to the people and audiences who proved yet again that they are far more forward & expansive than the film industry experts by accepting it with all their heart & ensuring it sustains 30 yrs later. The audience is wise. The audience is gracious. The audience is kind. So thank you, all of you. For tying your adolescence, youth, love & memories to this film. I bow to you, and I love you. Each of you! “

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