Angelina Jolie’s physical abuse allegations finally get addressed by Brad Pitt’s lawyer. Read to know what he said.

Angelina Jolie’s Abuse Allegations Addressed! “Brad Pitt Has Been On The Receiving End Of Every Type Of Personal Attack,” Says His Lawyer

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s fight in court is getting nastier as time passes. Some time back, reports expressed that Jolie blamed Pitt for actual maltreatment and that he stifled one of their youngsters on the trip in 2016. Presently, assuming the new reports are to be accepted, the entertainer’s legal counselor has likewise made an authority announcement about his reality and has made liability regarding genuine moves that occurred and not what Angelina’s attorneys could have detailed. Look underneath to peruse the scoop.

This reaction from Brad’s legal counselor came after Jolie’s public court documenting which blamed the entertainer for actual maltreatment. As of late, gives an account of the equivalent came in, yet presently, it seems like the Lara Croft entertainer is making it one stride further by taking it to the court. The court papers read that Angelina was “got by her head” and Pitt “shook her again prior to driving her into the restroom wall.” In addition to that, yet additionally he supposedly “gagged” one of their children, “poured lager” on Jolie and red wine on the children.


Presently, Brad Pitt’s legal counselor Anne Kiley said in a proclamation, “Brad has possessed all that he’s liable for from the very beginning — in contrast to the opposite side — however he won’t claim anything he didn’t do. He has been forced to bear each sort of private assault and distortion,” as detailed by India Today.

In the interim, Brad is as of now standing out as truly newsworthy for his supposed sentiment with Victoria’s Mysterious Emily Ratajkowski. Furthermore, on the off chance that the reports are to be accepted, things are quitting any funny business among them.

What is your perspective on Brad Pitt’s legal counselor putting out an announcement over Angelina Jolie’s actual maltreatment allegations?

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