Anjali Arora’s pain over trolling after the MMS leak

Anjali Arora's pain over trolling after the MMS leak

Social media star Anjali Arora is often in discussion about her trending reels. She has also been a part of Kangana Ranaut’s reality show ‘Lock Up’. Since then she has always been in limelight. In the past, she had come into controversies regarding her MMS Leak (Anjali Arora MMS Leak). Although She had called it fake, She had to face a lot of trolling on social media regarding this. Recently, the actress has expressed her pain over the trolling caused by the MMS leak.

Recently, Anjali Arora talked about trolling in an interview given to ‘Telechakkar’. She said, “To be honest, I don’t pay attention to negative comments. As an audience, they have the right to speak what they feel and once you decide to enter the entertainment industry, you have to be ready for it. They have the right to like and dislike you. Negative comments just need to be strong and should not be given any attention.

How does Anjali Arora feel when the media writes some bitter things about her? The social media influencer said, “It happens to everyone because they have a right to criticize you and even write nice things about you. They are just like trollers. Some people will appreciate your work, some will not, and being a public figure you have to pay this small price.”


Anjali Arora and Munawwar Farooqui’s closeness in ‘Lock Up’ made a lot of headlines, but surprisingly, while both were expressing their love for each other in the show, as soon as they came out, they shared their respective partners. Everyone was shocked by revealing it. The closeness of both was said to be well planned. Well, it seems that the relationship between Munavvar and Anjali is not good since the end of the show. Some time back there were reports that both of them are being cast in a reality show,

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