Anjali Raghav and Diler kharakiya are enjoying shooting their next Haryanvi song in Armenia

Diler kharakiya ‘s latest reel and story on Instagram, you can guess where he is now and what he is doing, recently Diler kharakiya has shared his Armenian story on Instagram in which he and Anjali Raghav are on a train Having a lot of fun while riding.

In this reel, Diler Kharkiya is seen singing his supna song, but he changes the lyrics of the song so that the Haryanvi song video becomes funny on the English people travelling on the train with him, this video is very It’s funny.


The pair of Diler Kharkiya and Anjali Raghav is also very much liked in Haryana, both of them look very good together, both of them have also shared a funny video, both are wearing matching clothes in which they are looking cute. The video has been viewed 7 lakh times and liked by 90 thousand people so far

How do you feel about Diler Kharkiya and Anjali Raghav’s Jodi ?

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