Anjali Raghav is Best Golibaaz, Haven’t you checked her latest Instagram Post?

Haven’t you checked Anjali Raghav’s latest shooting training post on Instagram in which she mentioned 1st day of training at Guru Dronacharya Shooting Range?

She is one of the most popular models and actresses who mainly acts in the Haryanvi video songs. Anjali has been in the Haryanvi industry for a long time and is a very popular artist. She has appeared in more than 50 Haryanvi video songs. She never fails to amaze the audience with her mesmerizing beauty and brilliant acting.

She told in an interview that Initially, she wants to become a teacher but later she changed her mind and entered the entertainment industry.

Anjali also received the All India Crime Reform Award in 2018. She keeps her follower’s updates on social media with her posts and engages well with her followers.

So she recently posted beautiful pictures and videos in which she was holding the shooting gun. She started shooting training at Guru Dronyacharya Shooting Range. This shows that she will bring something new and unique.


So, her fans are excited to know what’s new she is coming up with.