Annoyed by the song of Sidhu Moose Wale, Haryanvi artists are releasing their songs against his syl songs.

Why Haryanvis are not liking Sidhu Moosewala’s new song SYL

Recently the Syl song of Punjabi singer Sindhu Moosewala was released in which the ongoing Syl issue between Haryana Punjab was raised, you will hear the lyrics of the song that Punjabi singer Sindhu Moosewala is talking about not giving Haryana its water. Apart from this, the land of Khalistan thinking also comes in the song.

Due to this, a very hot atmosphere was created among the Haryanvi on social media. Haryanvi singers and common people are opposing this song on social media. Haryanvi singers are openly discussing on social media against the song. Some Haryanvi singers released the song against it within 24 hours.


Know which singer has released the song against the SYL

Theth Desi Records

SYL – Haryanvi · Masoom Sharma

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