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Asheema Vardaan: Was told character was not submissive

Reprising her role as a brash millennial in Dev DD season 2, Asheema Vardaan on doing justice to the tricky role, and collaborating with producer Ekta Kapoor

Asheema Vardaan in Devika Dharam Dwivedi

After shedding light on the subject of sexism and homophobia in the web show Dev DD, Ekta Kapoor is set to present the second version, which will blow the lid on female foeticide and homosexuality. Lead actor Asheema Vardaan, who will reprise the role of the unabashed Devika Dharam Dwivedi in the series that airs today, says the show is only advantaged by the fact that it has a female producer, Kapoor, at helm. 

“I didn’t have a film or TV show behind me but she took a risk and launched me. She is someone who trusts [people] and their abilities, and is always encouraging. She will make it for the screenings of shows, and that is inspiring because she is focused on her work,” gushes the actor. 

Ekta Kapoor

Vardaan’s Devika was created on a one-line brief. “I was told she is a modern girl; a fighter who will never be submissive,” says the actor, adding that the new season only sees her character being further enhanced. “In this edition, the show discusses matters that society is eager to brush under the carpet. Apart from female foeticide, discussion on queer marriage also forms an important part of this show. It’s saddening to see that our laws don’t see straight couples and queer couples in the same light. It leads to social stigma and ostracisation. The show progresses from where the last season ended. It has been adapted to the sensibilities of today’s youth. The sexual content is justified and takes the story forward organically. The characters are nuanced, and there was a lot that I could discover while working on the show.” 

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