BJP’s Bhavya Bishnoi wins the Adampur by-election by 15,740 votes

Bhavya Bishnoi

In Haryana’s Adampur by-election, Bhavya Bishnoi of BJP won by 15,740 votes. This victory cannot be called a big victory in the by-election. Because the biggest victory in the by-election is in the name of Bhavya’s mother Renuka Bishnoi. Whereas the smallest victory is in the name of Kuldeep Bishnoi in the 1998 by-election.

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In this by-election, Bhavya won by more votes than his father. Kuldeep won the by-election by a margin of 13487 votes. While Bhajan Lal won the 2008 by-election by 20,249 votes and in the 2011 by-election, Renuka Bishnoi won by 25249 votes. This is the fourth by-election after the formation of Haryana and the Bhajanlal family has been victorious in all the by-elections.


After the year 1968, so far 12 general and 4 by-elections were held. In all these the Bhajanlal family was victorious. Chaudhary Bhajanlal has been MLA from this seat 9 times. Once his wife Jasma Devi was MLA from here.

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