Bicycle company opposes making KD a brand promoter

Thousands of people sent emails to the company, saying that if such an artist is BRAND AMBASSADOR, we will not buy parts of the bicycle.

There is a lot of furies among the youth of the state when a bicycle company Sky Way has made a Haryana artist a promoter of a bicycle. Thousands of youth have sent mail to that company and requested to remove him from the brand ambassador of this company. If this is not done, will the youth not even buy a bicycle for this company.

Giving this information, a young social worker of Bahadurgarh, Ankesh Arya said that he had run this campaign on Facebook for 2 days, inspired by thousands of youths of Haryana who supported him to remove the obscene and stupid artist like KD from this company. Mailed in that company. It is known that KD has made a mark in the youth in a short time by singing many such dirty songs, but he has become the eyes of the educational, social, and intellectual class of the society.

Now the youth are also speaking out against it. The youth of KD, who recently came out with KD’s songs, were also rejected outright. People commented that the farmer’s son cannot sing such songs. Instead of increasing his enthusiasm in the farmer’s movement, the KD rural youth have their own low level of mind Dirt is dissolving from the songs. Apart from Ankesh Arya, Sumit Arya, Rakesh Lohachab, Dheeraj Sangwan have also reacted sharply against KD on Facebook. According to what happened in the bicycle company, the company may take a decision against KD soon.
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