Bigg Boss 16 Day 52 Written Updates: Archana Gautam Pits Tina Datta Against Sumbul Touqeer! Here’s What’s In Store

Bigg Boss 16 Day 52 Updates: Archana Gautam Pits Tina Datta Against Sumbul Touqeer! Here’s Who’s On Whose Hitlist

The expert of the house declares a special designation task named ‘Crime location’, Read on to realize all the show coming up.
While Tones ‘Bigg Supervisor 16’ witnesses the second rule of Shiv Thakare as the chief, the fear of designation looms over every one of the housemates. The expert of the house reports an extraordinary designation task named ‘Crime location’, which is directed in four rounds. For each round, ‘Bigg Supervisor’s chooses an incredible who should kill one out of two housemates, who have a place with rooms three, four, and six by firing them with a rifle.

Every one of the two potential preys should make a persuading pitch on why they should get by (in the errand and the house) and the other merits being shot (named). The two housemates can offer ‘rishvat’ to the executioner and it ultimately depends on the executioner to choose if saving the housemate is adequately significant. When the executioner shows up at a choice, he/she should express their justification behind shooting (choosing) them. It will be engaging to watch the housemates haggle with the executioner to dodge designations. Figure out who’s on whose hitlist this evening!

Alongside the feeling of dread toward assignment, the show and battles stay consistent in the Bigg Supervisor 16 house. The battle of this episode is keenly designed by Archana Gautam who sets Tina Datta and Sumbul Touqeer in opposition to one another knowing greatly that the condition of the team has soured. Inciting Tina, Archana gripes that her room (Room of four) is chaotic, and nobody functions as much as Sumbul in the house. She further incites Tina by claiming that she continues reciting ‘clean sterile’ yet being clean doesn’t mean looking great or wearing extravagant garments. Tina surrenders to the affectation and safeguards herself by guaranteeing that she tidies up the room and cautions Archana to try not to get presumptuous with her.

Tina is maddened that Archana believes that Sumbul finishes tasks in the Bigg Supervisor 16 house and she doesn’t. Her other conflict is that Sumbul doesn’t support her while charges of chaos are being evened out against her. Shalin Bhanot, who has a delicate corner for Tina, reasons with Sumbul over her not talking in support of Tina when cleanliness is being examined. This doesn’t go down well with Sumbul who feels that Shalin ought to have nothing to do with supporting individuals by helping him to remember his previous treacheries. While Shalin, Tina, and Sumbul are squabbling endlessly, Archana bounces with euphoria for having achieved her central goal to make a tumult.

In the midst of all the show, Sajid Khan and Abdu Rozik’s ‘Long Child Short Child Show’ brings a portion of the lighthearted element. Sajid and Abdu facilitated visitor Shiv Thakare, who posed a progression of fun inquiries. Will you wed Archana Gautam to hold captaincy? Who will you save between Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary in the event that their plane is going to crash? Who’s a greater warrior between Abdu and Hizbullah? Who will you shoot between Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Abdu Rozik? Knowing the chief’s responses to these questions will intrigue me.

Continue to watch the energy and show in ‘Bigg Supervisor 16’ fueled by TRESemmé, Unique Accomplice Ching’s Schezwan Chutney, and Make-up Accomplice.

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