Bigg Boss 16 Day 53 Updates: Sumbul Touqeer’s Phone Call With Dad Leaves Housemates In Shock

Bigg Boss 16 Day 53

In the midst of the rushing about of fascinating errands, Varieties’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’ brings an enormous curve today as the show invites famous entertainer Fahmaan Khan into the house. Out of the relative multitude of candidates, the charmingly stunned Sumbul Touqeer is the most energized and fires destroying after seeing him since she imparts an extraordinary cling to him. The other two competitors who are content with Fahmaan’s entrance are Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta as they seem alleviated to be freed of Sumbul, who was third wheeling in their science.

Following two months of game-evolving turns, the expert of the house drops a stunner by showing Sumbul Touqeer’s discussion with her dad Touqeer Khan in the admission space to every one of the housemates in the residing region. The greater part of the housemates were horrified at the exposure. Maddened at the dad’s scorn for himself and Tina, Shalin vents out as he asks Sumbul for what valid reason she is conversing with them and kicks the footstool.

Tina is similarly rankled in light of some unacceptable claims that were evened out against her by Sumbul’s dad. At the point when she had no control over her indignation, she punches the wall and expresses that it was ludicrous for Sumbul’s dad to kill her personality to save his little girl’s standing. Is this the finish of the threesome of Sumbul, Tina, and Shalin?


In the midst of the strain and seething attitudes, the expert of the house declares a ‘Raja Rani’ task. It involves the candidates going looking for which the nursery region has been changed over into a fishery. To procure the title of Raja or Rani, the candidates who are partitioned into ‘aam janta’ ‘shaahi log’ should get fish as fast as conceivable in a container, add salt and ice to it and offer it to sanchalak MC Stan.

The gathering that prevails with regards to putting away the assigned number of bushels will be chosen as competitors for captaincy. Watch a rush unfurl in the fishery and old battles get revived in this hatke task. It will be enjoyable to see who wins the opportunity to be Raaja or Raani of the house.

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