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BB16: Shiv Thakare holds Shalin Bhanot’s fight with MC Stan

halin Bhanot During Fight With MC Stan

Simply seven days after Archana Gautam’s actual fight with Shiv Thakare occurred in ‘Bigg Supervisor 16’, another occurrence including Shalin Bhanot, MC Stan and Shiv occurred on the show.

In a new episode, Tina Datta slipped and harmed her lower leg. Shalin raced to her and attempted to help. In any case, Tina was in torment and requested that he leave her foot.

MC Stan let Shalin know that on the off chance that she isn’t happy and feeling torment, he can allow the specialist to treat her appropriately. Yet, Shalin demanded and kept, saying that he knew how to manage such injury.


This drove Stan crazy and he left, manhandling him. Shalin too freaked out and expressed unequivocal things about the rapper’s loved ones. He came running towards Shalin. Notwithstanding, Shalin held Stan tight and Shiv interceded.

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Before Shiv was seen holding Shalin by his face and neck and requested that he leave Stan.

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Sumbul Touqeer Khan additionally bounced in and prevented MC Stan from getting physical further.

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