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    Binomo’s Mega Trading Adventure: The World Trading Cup – Multiverses

    In the world of online trading, Binomo is set to kick off the year with its grandest trading adventure yet – the ‘World Trading Cup: Multiverses.’ The lucky winner of this tournament will not only claim the spotlight but also drive away in a brand-new Tesla Model S.

    Typically, participants have their eyes set on the special prize, the Tesla Model S, as they strive to give their best shot at winning. However, beyond the allure of the sleek electric car, the total prize pool for the World Trading Cup stands at a whopping $320,000.

    Binomo presents the biggest trading adventure of the year, ‘World Trading Cup: Multiverses,’ absolutely free. Traders from around the globe can participate in this trading extravaganza scheduled to take place between December 4th and 29th. The fortunate victor will drive home in a Tesla Model S, with the total prize pool for the WTC amounting to $320,000.

    What’s on the Agenda for this Year?

    Binomo’s platform is renowned for hosting local and global events, and the WTC is no exception. Traders registered on this trading platform can freely participate in the WTC competition, provided they make a minimum deposit. The WTC sets out to create a thrilling adventure for traders, unfolding in the vastness of Multiverses. Traders will face challenges from other universes and unexpected twists, making it a unique and exciting experience.

    Understanding the importance of competitive spirit and gamification for many users, Binomo has designed this championship with these factors in mind. Additionally, various competitions within the championship offer additional opportunities for traders to showcase their skills and win ‘Bions,’ special championship points.

    Irresistible Prizes for Winners

    While the Tesla Model S remains the coveted prize for each participant, the WTC offers a total prize pool of $320,000. Furthermore, any participant who has executed at least one trade can enter the random lottery for Apple and Amazon random prizes. This three-week-long lottery guarantees a prize for every registered participant.

    The Most Spectacular Trading Adventure

    The WTC aims to provide a spectacular adventure for every user, and it has been designed with a focus on competitiveness and gamification. Various competitions within the championship offer additional opportunities for traders to earn ‘Bions,’ special championship points. The traders with the highest number of ‘Bions’ stand a greater chance of winning attractive prizes.

    Details of the Competitions

    The WTC comprises several competitions, known as ’50 Daily’ and ‘Sprints,’ each with its unique conditions and prizes. All competitions have a set date from December 4th to December 29th, and traders can choose to participate in their preferred competition or join all simultaneously.

    50 Daily Competition Rules

    More trades often lead to better results, so the ’50 Daily’ competition has specific rules:

    1. Bion points will be awarded for the first 50 trades executed each day. Each trade will earn 1x Bion score, with successful trades receiving 2x Bion.
    2. The top 3 traders in this competition will share a prize pool of $5,500.
    3. The top 100 traders with the most Bions will qualify for the Final Daily competition, competing for a prize pool of $28,500.
    4. The Final Daily competition will take place from December 25th to December 29th.

    Sprints Competition Rules

    The Sprints competition focuses on the total amount of traded funds, making it a high-stakes contest:

    1. Three Sprint adventures will run consecutively for one week each: December 4th to December 9th, December 11th to December 16th, and December 18th to December 23rd.
    2. Each Sprint requires a separate registration.
    3. Bion points in the Sprints will be equivalent to the USD value of the trading funds. There is no limit to the number of trades, and each successful trade earns 2x Bion.
    4. VIP users enjoy larger prizes in their exclusive Sprints adventure.
    5. The top 20 winners from each Sprint advance to the Final Sprint, where they compete for the grand prize – the Tesla Model S.
    6. Additionally, each Sprint features 20 winners who compete for an extra $20,000 in the increased prize pool.

    Final Sprint: December 25th to December 29th.

    Anyone Can Win Additional Prizes

    Starting December 11th and every Monday thereafter, traders will receive a random raffle prize for participating in any one mission and executing a minimum of 1 trade. A total of three raffles will take place, awarding prizes to 63 lucky traders.

    Traders must use their real Binomo accounts to participate in the free WTC competition.

    Demo users can make a minimum deposit to join the competition.

    For more information, interested individuals can visit the WTC website or Binomo trading platform.

    About Binomo

    Launched in 2014, Binomo stands among the top FTT platforms globally, offering users an opportunity to practice risk-free trading on over 70 assets with ready-made strategies. Binomo has garnered international recognition through prestigious awards, including the ‘Most Secure Trading Platform Global 2023’ by World Business Outlook and the ‘Most Trusted Platform Global 2023’ by International Business Magazine.

    As a proud member of the Financial Commission, Binomo operates in over 130 countries, assisting nearly 1 million active traders daily in navigating the financial markets. The platform is synonymous with tournament excellence, hosting over 300 events annually.

    For more information, visit the Binomo website.

    Disclaimer: Gambling involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. This post contains material that may or may not be legal in your country. Please play or refrain from playing subject to applicable law. is a platform for advertising and news, and does not directly affiliate with any gambling sites. Content is for informational purposes only.


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