Bintu Pabra and KP Kundu’s new song ‘Agneepath ‘ targeted the government as well as cheap Facebook trollers

Bintu Pabra and KP Kundu's new song 'Agneepath ' targeted the government as well as cheap Facebook trollers

Recently, the new song Agneepath by Haryana artists KP Kundu and Bintu Pabra were released on YouTube. The song talks about the new black bills in the army brought by the central government. In which the soldiers will have to do 4 years of service in the army. A song was sung against the same and while opposing the politics of the government, they talked about their rights.

Apart from this, those who do politics for money against those who openly speak the truth in the song have also been given a befitting reply. In recent days, there is a lot of opposition to the SYL song of Sidhu Moosewale in Haryana, because in his song there was talk of killing the rights of Haryana. Against which Haryanvi artists composed and opposed many songs, about which some people of Haryana started speaking against them, saying that the artists of Haryana are doing this just to be viral.


I do not understand anything on social media, even when the artist talks about the rights of the people, he does not like it and even if the artist does not talk, he does not understand. How it has become public, sometimes even we do not understand, while sharing the song, KP wrote, I can never stop speaking the truth, my pen can never be a slave, yes I sell songs but I never have my conscience sold.

Watch Video Here

Coming to the credits, sung by Bintu Pabra, it has been written by KP Kundu & Bintu Pabra. Further, Bamboo Beat worked on the music of the song, and the Video / Publicity Design by Vikas Mahi. The song will be presented under KP Kundu Official channel.

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