Bloody conflict in Kanwariyas of UP-Haryana, killing of soldiers returning with water from Haridwar, the dispute started over overtake

Kanwariyas of UP-Haryana

A bloody struggle ensued between the Kanwariyas of UP and Haryana, who were bringing water from Haridwar. There were a lot of sticks and sticks in which a kanwariya of Muzaffarnagar has died. The police have arrested five kanwariyas who were trying to escape. Many Kanwariyas of Haryana is injured in the fight. The windows of several vehicles were also broken.

This Kanwariya named Karthik, who was killed in the incident, was a soldier in the army. Had come only two days before taking leave to lift the Kanwar. It is being told that during the beating, he had got a stick in his head. It is being told that there was a conflict between both sides in Haridwar too. During the fight, a stampede broke out among the Kanwariyas.

Karthik’s father’s name is Yogendra, originally from Leparan Patti of Sisauli, Muzaffarnagar. Karthik was in the army. A complaint has been lodged against 5 Kanwariyas of Haryana in Chhapar police station regarding the incident. Police has arrested some people in this case. It is being told that in Haridwar too, there was a conflict between both sides.


On receiving the news of Karthik’s death, there is a furore in his family. He had come with leave for Dak Kanwar two days back. Karthik and 20-25 youths went to Haridwar by bike. While returning from there with water, he had a clash with the Kanwaris of Haryana on the way. Karthik’s associates allege that the Kanwariyas of Haryana hit Karthik in the head with sticks and stabbed him with a sharp weapon, due to which he died.

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