Bombay High Court relief for octogenarian couple accused of abusing child

The two were handed a 10-year sentence in March by a POCSO court and got bail by the high court on April 8; defence says the entire case is an attempt to grab their SoBo home

Ashwin Parikh, 89, and Vimla Parikh, 84, face many health complications, said their lawyer

On Saturday, Ashwin Parikh, 89, and his wife Vimlaben Parikh, 84, walked out of Yerawada Central Jail, Pune, after the Bombay High Court granted them bail in a sexual abuse case. The elderly couple was sentenced to 10 years in prison by a special POCSO court on March 11 for allegedly sexually assaulting a three-year-old child from their building in 2013.

Senior criminal lawyer Dinesh Tiwari (left) represented the couple; Mikhail Dey assisted Tiwari in the case

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