Formation of six teams to verify the caste welfare schemes of the government through Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP)

After verifying the income, now there will be caste verification in the family identity cards. Six teams were formed to verify the caste of 57254 families of the municipal corporation area. A team leader will be accompanied by three support staff. These teams will verify the caste recorded in the family identity card even on the day of the holiday. Only the eligible should get the benefits of government schemes. That’s why the government has taken this decision.

Although the caste verification of each family will be done, but in the first phase, the government has sent a list of 57254 thousand families to the corporation. For this, different areas have been allotted to the teams of the corporation. These teams will do the work of verification even on holidays.

How many families in which ward?

In the first phase, the government has sent a list of 57254 families to the municipal corporation. In this, 2951 in ward number one, 2513 in two, 3343 in three, 2911 in four, 3281 in five, 2778 in six, 798 in seven, 1159 in eight, 1151 in nine, 2596 in ten, 2513 in ward 11, ward 12 4105 in Ward 13, 2293 in Ward 14, 2473 in Ward 15, 2786 in Ward 15, 3616 in Ward 17, 2980 in Ward 17, 2679 in Ward 18, 3106 in Ward 19, 1891 in Ward 20, 2929 in Ward 21 and 2320 in Ward The caste of the families is to be verified.

Required to take advantage of the schemes:

The benefits of various welfare schemes of the government can be availed through Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP). A 14 digit unique identity card is being provided to each family. Through this it will be ensured that the benefits of all the services and schemes provided by the government are reaching every citizen of the state or not.

This family identity card has been prepared for joint and separate families. Family identity card has been made mandatory for the pensioner beneficiaries. In such a situation, he can apply for pension only when his family identity card is made.

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