Did you know about Haryana‘s favourite director Ameet Choudhary latest posts on Instagram? If you have not seen check it below.

Ameet Choudhary is a director who is highly known for his amazing skills and personality. He has been working very hard to achieve this kind of success. He has collaborated with many Punjabi singers. He was also a part of Once upon a time in Amritsar.

Ameet Choudhary has been quite active on his Instagram page. He has a lot of followers with whom he interacts on Instagram. Yesterday, He posted a very good-looking picture. The picture was with Harmonium, which really showed his love & dedication towards Music. From his childhood, he had a passion for the entertainment industry.

Ameet had a very casual look which really suited his personality. He mentioned in his caption
“चलो पूरी क़ायनात का बटवारा करते है !
तुम सिर्फ मेरे बाक़ी सब तुम्हारा !!”


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