Did you know about Khatri & Pranjal Dahiya’s new song “17 Saal”?

17 Saal is a very emotional song that will definitely touch your heart once you will listen to it.

Khatri and Renuka‘s collaboration has always been the audiences favourite one and this time again it reaches one of the most trending songs in the Haryanvi industry. It is a very emotional song that shows How a couple loses their temper and starts fighting due to some personal issues. It is the story in which a wife feels all their mental trauma due to her husband’s negative behaviour towards her.

All the mental torture which the female has to bear after marrying the wrong man is shown in this song.


Pranjal Dahiya is the main lead actress in the song who acts as a wife. Khatri and Pranjal on-screen Jodi is something for which we have been waiting for a long time. The music video of this song has a beautiful clip of a small girl Preesha Gupta who is performing her contemporary dance moves to give an aesthetic vibe to the song. Preesha has really surprised The music of 17 saal is given by Khatri and the lyrics are written by Dhaati.

If you haven’t seen it then you’re surely missing something! Go and have a look at the song and make it a super hit.

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