Did you know about Pragati’s new instagram uploaded picture?

Famous Haryanvi singer Pragati uploads a mind-blowing picture on her Instagram account. Pragati is a popular Haryanvi singer with more than 1 million followers. She is recently seen in a music video of the song “ Saari Saari Raat” with Shree Brar. Her songs have been the audience’s favourite. There is no wedding in which her songs are not played. Pragati’s songs are famous worldwide and the public just loves them.

Recently, Pragati posted a sizzling picture on her Instagram account which went viral all over the internet. According to the reports, the picture is assumed to be taken in one of the shoots. Her picture is very aesthetic and attractive. She is wearing an oversized shirt along with track pants. Pragati mentioned in her caption ‘just a lazy day’. She had nude makeup on her face which really made her look very beautiful. One interesting thing which we noticed in the picture was that she is posing with a lighter in her hand. The background where she posed looked very amazing, it had a yellow lamp which enhanced the picture. She recently coloured her hair in blond colour which was open and heavy. If you haven’t watched her picture go login into her Instagram account.

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