Farmers held BJP leaders Hostage for 8 hours 11 minutes in Kiloi village of Haryana

Farmer-BJP dispute ended in Kiloi, former minister joined hands

BJP leaders came out from the captivity of farmers in the ancient Shiva temple located in Kiloi village of Rohtak after 8 hours 11 minutes at 5:41 pm. First, the district president Ajay Bansal came out, followed by Satish Nandal and then Manish Grover also came out of the temple. BJP leaders had reached the temple at 9:30 am to watch the live telecast of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s program. On this information, the farmers took him hostage.

After the protest of the farmers, the administrative officials mediated. However, even after apologizing to the BJP leaders, the screw got stuck on the fact that state Vice President Manish Grover did not join hands. After several hours of controversy, BJP leader Manish Grover came to the temple balcony and apologized with folded hands. However, he folded his hands for only a second and soon after that he went back inside the temple from the balcony.

In view of security, DC Rohtak and SP of four districts reached the temple. First people were sent out of the temple. Only after vacating the area to a large extent, the BJP workers were pulled out.

Former minister said – did not apologize, Ram Ram Kari thi

At the same time, after being freed from the ‘captivity’ of the Shiv temple, Manish Grover said that some people of Hooda Khap came to him and he said that just once you make everyone Ram-Ram from the balcony. We did Ram-Ram and the matter was over. We have not apologized to anyone. Whenever Bhole Shankar would call us Kiloi, he would come again in this temple to offer prayers.

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