Film Chandrawal Dekhungi has become the most searched and listened to song on Digital Streaming Platform and Google in north-central India.

Film Chandrawal Dekhungi

In the year 1984, the biggest film of Haryana, Chandrawal came, at that time cinema Hall used to be full. The songs of the moon were heard everywhere. After 37 years, once again the name of the film Chandrawal is heard on everyone’s tongue. The main reason for this is Haryanvi singer Dev Kumar Dev, recently his new song was released, which was named from the film Chandrawal Dekhoongi.

In the last days, there was a university-level youth festival in Rohtak, in which this song was continuously becoming the first choice of the listeners. This song is being seen on more than 300 platforms of social media. people are reciting this song in different languages ​​and uploading it again and again on social media sites।

Our team talked to Dev Kumar Dev Ji, he told us that apart from Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar and Indians sitting abroad are giving love to this song, in this episode, even on their stage shows, the listeners demand to sing this song, again and again, this song has become the first choice of people these days.


Film Chandrawal Dekhungi Haryanvi Song Starring with Dev Kumar Deva & Pooja Hooda. This Superhit Haryanvi Song Sung by Dev Kumar Deva & Ruchika Jangid. Dev Kumar Deva has directed this song. The music of the song was given by GR music and lyrics by Traditional. The producers of the song were Gunbir Singh Sindhu & Manmord Singh Sindhu. Overall This song will be great due to its concept and video whole credit goes to such a talented team.

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