Finally, YouTube Planned To Look Forward To Podcasting.

YouTube finally has someone leading podcasting efforts


Hot Pod another exclusive platform, Google has hired someone to lead its podcasting efforts. Kai Chuk, who served as the director of digital media and enterprise partnerships at YouTube, will move into the “Podcast Lead” role,

The Verge reports. According to Chuk’s LinkedIn, the executive joined YouTube in 2012, where he first served as the head of North American entertainment partnerships. Before that, he worked at Bain & Company and MTV Networks.

A company spokesperson confirms that Kai Chuk has been hired to manage the large volume of existing podcasts and relationships across the YouTube platform. YouTube has been for nearly 10 years, focusing mostly on media partnerships, so that’s why the podcasting role was a fit.

The thing that doesn’t fully understand about YouTube’s possible podcast plans is what exactly will be changed or managed — podcasters already upload and host videos on Google’s servers, and Google monetizes those videos for them based on user data. However, this may soon change.


YouTube said it would start offering free, background music listening in its YouTube Music app YouTube’s background listening test suggests it’s interested in letting users stream content while they’re multitasking in other apps, the same way competitive services like Spotify and Apple Podcasts do. YouTube could also start hosting audio and doing different ad things there.

Of course, Youtube was never designed as a podcast player. But with a few tweaks, it could be turn out to be the Ultimate podcast app. Therefore, YouTube decided to improve podcast services.

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