Gajender Phogat and Narinder Gulia ‘Bheetar Jaat’ Coming Soon But

Hukkum Ka Ikka, the music label of the hit song ‘Fukri Na Maar’ is all set for another release in the Haryanvi Music Industry. Hukkum Ka Ikka and its owner Deep Sisai present the newly produced track’ ‘Bheetar Jaat’. Narinder Gulia and Gajender Phogat are the lead singers.

They are also featured in the music video along with Vicky Kajla and Bani Kaur. The songwriter is Narinder Gulia and Music is given by DJX. It is an Indravesh K Yogi and Aslam Khan direction and editing is done by Baljinder Muhar. It is in partnership with and incomplete without a few other artists.

These skillful artists are DOP Shiv Shakti, Mix Master Studio 9, publicity design Himanshu Singh, and online promotion head Navi Baadliwaal. The poster of this song was out on Hukkum ka Ikka’s official Instagram account. The team of ‘Bheetar Jaat’ is all set to premiere the song on youtube on 25th May 2021. Fans and the audience wish them a stroke of very good luck in the comments.


Hukkum Ka Ikka 2021 top releases include Kale ho Kale Ho by Renuka Panwar, Afeem by Raj Mawar, Kanak by Amit Dhull, Dhokebaaj Lugai by Amit Saini Rohtakiya and Lukma Ghunghat sung by Somvir Kathurwal.  

This music label was among the very first music labels committed to the Haryanvi Music Industry. Artists like Amit Saini Rohtakiya, Amit Dhull, Renuka Panwar, Raj Mawar, Masoom Sharma, Manisha Sharma, and many others have undertaken projects under this label as singers.

Sonali Phogat, Binder Danoda, owner Deep Sisai himself, Raveena Bishnoi are a few prominent actors that have been featured in the official music videos.

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