Gas leak in Haryana’s Jhajjar creates panic in residential areas, people have difficulty in breathing, many hospitalized

A major accident happened in Jhajjar city of Haryana around 10 pm last night. In fact, in the catechu factory located in the Berry Gate area, there was a leak due to the leaking of the pipe coming out of the cylinder of ammonia gas. Due to the leakage, there was huge panic in the residential areas. After the gas leak, many people started having difficulty in breathing, vomiting started. After getting the information, many people had to be admitted to the hospital.

There was a stir in the entire area at midnight after ammonia gas leaked in the catechu plant. The entire staff of the administration immediately swung into action and took to the streets. The policemen also started closing some shops that were open till that time. People were being asked to take precautions. Munadi was made among the people.

Some neighbourhood areas were completely evacuated

The staff of the catechu factory were also evacuated and some areas around it have been completely evacuated. It was explained to move away from the factory area so that there could be no loss of life and property.

water sprinkling on the streets

The vehicles of the fire brigade were sprayed water on the roads so that the gas which had spread in the air could be suppressed. According to the information, there was leakage of ammonia gas from the pipe coming out of the factory tank. After which the people around started having trouble breathing and then as soon as this news spread, there was an atmosphere of chaos.

Condition of two fire brigade workers deteriorated

Meanwhile, information has come to the fore that the condition of two fire brigade workers who reached the spot for relief work also deteriorated. After this two ambulances were sent to the spot. Apart from this, two fire tenders have also reached the spot.

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