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    Gender Issues: Shocking sex ratio figure surfaced in Haryana

    In order to bring equality in the deteriorating sex ratio in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had given the slogan of ambitious scheme Beti Bachao Beti Padhao from Panipat on 22 January 2015. To take it to the pinnacle of success, many schemes including your daughter-our daughter and daughter-in-law were also run in the interest of daughter. The campaign has also yielded pleasant results. Despite this, the number of daughters is still less than the number of sons in many blocks. The sex ratio has improved, but equality is yet to come.

    Government is giving 21 thousand on the birth of daughters

    Neelam Arya, CDPO of Women and Child Development Department said that in order to improve the sex ratio, under its Beti Hamari Beti scheme, LIC policy of 21 thousand is given in the name of the first daughter born in SC and BPL family, the amount of which after 18 years. Meets. By then the policy amount reaches lakhs. Which is useful in the daughter’s marriage. Due to this, the parents do not have to worry about the expenses in the daughter’s marriage. On the birth of the second and third daughter, the benefit of the policy of 21 thousand is given.

    Along with this, the assistance amount of five thousand is given to the women of each category in three instalments on the first pregnancy. The first instalment of one thousand is given on the registration of pregnancy, the second instalment of two thousand on checkup, the third instalment of two thousand is given to the child after getting the third vaccine. Along with health check-ups of pregnant women every month, refreshments and proper advice are also given by the department.

    Sex ratio report of last six years in 52 villages of Nissing block

    According to the data of the Department of Women and Child Development

    In the year 2015-16 the number of boys 1515 and girls 1340 difference 175,

    In the year 16-17 boys 1481, girls 1301 difference180

    In the year 17-18 boys 1375, girls 1229 difference 146

    Boys in year 18-19 1263 Girls 1086 Difference 177

    In the year 19-20 boys 1354 girls 1184 difference 170

    Status of sex ratio in different villages of the block

    According to SMO Dr. Rajesh Johri, according to the sex ratio of villages with less number of girls in different villages of the block from January 2021 till now, Nissing has 96 boys 67 girls, Aungad 32 boys 27 girls, Gondar-Ranjeetnagar 89 boys and 63 girls, Barutli 33-17, Baras 50-35, Sambhali 45-38, Barota 16-09, Balu 18-15, Bahlolpur 06-04, Bajida 08-05, Pichoulia 30-24, Payont 23-15, Bansa 35-26Birchpur 10- 07, Budanpur is at 10-06 and Dabri is at 07- 04.

    Villages with equal number of girls and more than boys

    Ranjit Nagar 02 Boys 06 Girls, Guniyana 09 Boys 14 Girls, Mehmal 04-04, Dachar 27-30, Govindgarh 00-04, Fatehgarh 00-02, Amupur 19-24, Singhra 20-25, Jalala 10-15, Motia 03 -03, Dindari 06-09, Hathalana 08-14, Manzora 12-17, Budanpur deserted 04-07, Narukhedi 20-23, Pingali 13-19, Shahpur 09-09, Sirsi 08 Eight boys, 10 girls were born . From this the sex ratio can be easily estimated. There is a need for awareness in villages where sex ratio is not equal.


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