Get workers registered to take advantage of schemes: DC

The government is running 22 schemes for the unorganized sector. Under this, a grant of about three crore rupees has been given. Deputy Commissioner Capt Manoj Kumar held a meeting with the officials of the labor department to review the ongoing schemes for the welfare of the workers. The Deputy Commissioner directed that the workers should be made aware of the government schemes, get them registered. He informed that the Labor Welfare Board is running 25 schemes for the welfare of workers working in the industrial sector. Under this, Rs 2.72 crore was given to the workers and their families in 2020-21. The Building Workers Board is also running 22 schemes for the welfare of unorganized sector workers. About 23 thousand workers have registered to take advantage of them. Those who have been given more than two crores. He called for workers working in the organized and unorganized sector to get registered, contact the labor department office for more information.

Scholarship scheme: Rs 53.41 lakh given to 817 beneficiaries

Labor officials said that under the scholarship scheme, Rs 53.41 lakh has been given to 817 beneficiaries. 62.08 lakhs to 1674 beneficiaries under the uniform scheme, 16 thousand to two beneficiaries for children’s sports of laborers, 22.44 lakh to 748 beneficiaries under cycle scheme, 3.49 lakhs to 234 beneficiaries of Chashma Yojana, Rs. 22.95 lakhs to 45 beneficiaries under Kanyadan Yojana Assistance amount has been given. Similarly, 11.67 lakhs to 117 people under maternity scheme, 10.72 lakhs to 115 people under dental scheme, 98 thousand to 28 beneficiaries under sewing machine scheme, 9.45 lakhs to 630 people under LTC, five lakhs to 20 people under mental imbalance scheme. , Sixty lakhs have been given to 31 beneficiaries under widow scheme, 3.75 lakhs to 25 beneficiaries in case of labor death, five lakhs under CM Social Security Scheme and 1.68 lakh rupees under Shagun Yojana.

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