Good initiative of Haryana government, players will get the amount on time

Now players in Haryana will get freedom from the hassle of filling out the application form to get the cash award amount. The sports department is going to make changes in the cash award process. In future, players will not need to come to the office and submit the application form. Along with this, the number of players will be deposited in the accounts on time. The sports department has also informed the sports federations of this. This decision of the Sports Department will give relief to thousands of players of Haryana.

This decision has been taken to remove the difficulties being faced by the players in receiving the cash award. Earlier, after winning the medal, the players had to fill out a form including an affidavit. After this, the department used to issue the award money only after examining it. The department believes that the complete data of all the players are already with the department.

Second, whenever a player goes out to play, his information is also with the department and the list of players who have won medals also comes to the department. Therefore, now whenever a player wins a medal at the national and international level, he will not need to run anywhere.

The Sports Department will itself start this process for a cash award on the basis of the list given by the Federation and the amount will be released to the player in due time. It may be noted that every year the Haryana Government gives cash awards to the players who win medals at the National and International levels. Three lakhs for the gold medal, 2 for silver and one lakh rupees for the bronze medal. Similarly, money is given to the players who win medals in state-level competitions.

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