Govind Chhaniwala surprised Gulzaar Chhaniwala with the “Mera Bhai Gulzaar” song.

Govind Chhaniwala came up with a song “Mera Bhai Gulzaar” dedicated to his Brother. Revealing about this song Govind Chhaniwala wrote “My brother sang songs for the world and I sung a song for him”. It is a feeling of pride when a younger brother does such a thing for the elder brother. In today’s time, brother is the enemy of brother, but it was a pleasure to see such love.

The Poster and official treasure of this song is out now. In this song, the story of these two brothers is shown how there was so much love between them and how was their journey from childhood till now. Their story is depicted in a realistic way.

This is going to be a very emotional song. While sharing the poster of this song Gulzaar Chhaniwala mentioned a birthday surprise. From this, it seems that Govind Chhaniwala gave this song as a birthday surprise to his brother.


The concept of this song is unique. Now the public is curious to know the story of these two brothers. The treasure of this song contains releasing date of this song that is 3rd October.

The song is written by Money Dhamu and sung by Govind Chhaniwala. The music of the song is given by Deepty. Govind Chhaniwala is the director of the song as well. By seeing such efforts by Govind Chhaniwala for his brother,

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