Gurmeet Bhadana’s Most awaited THM: The Haryanvi Mashup 10 Coming soon.

The Haryanvi Mashups are always amazing and outstanding. THM are well organized with Rap, Lyrics and Music. These mashups are trending on the DJ floor and have a different level of fun.

Gurmeet Bhadana is coming up with these Haryanvi mashups which is completely an exciting work. With his latest mashup THM 10, he is coming with Janvi Bathla who is a great Haryanvi dancer and she is a little expression queen. Their collaboration in this mashup will be great and make us more curious and excited about this latest mashup.

Gurmeet Bhadana always brings some different creativity and fun through his mashups. He is a great artist of Haryana and multi-talented as he is a great Rapper, Lyricist, Actor, Director and A great singer too.


He is taking the Haryana music industry to great heights by doing some different work through his mashups. As we have seen in his previous mashups, He extracts the most exciting lines and music from the songs and arranges those clips properly with some more editing.

His latest Instagram Post

So guys are you excited for this Mashup? Dates are not unveiled till now but are expecting soon. For more updates keep following Peddler Media.

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