Haryana dancer Sonam Sen was shot in Bihar

Sonam Sen

Haryana’s dancer Sonam Sen is facing punishment for not fulfilling the obscenity demand. During a stage show in Bhojpur, he was shot for not fulfilling a similar demand. The target was on the chest, but Sonam tried to escape due to which the bullet hit the thigh. In this incident, the bone of the foot got fractured in 3 places.

Sonam, who was admitted to a private hospital in Patna since June 9, was earlier shot by an MLA in Muzaffarpur for not fulfilling obscene demands. However, she narrowly escaped in the incident that happened then.


Now Sonam does not want to come to Bihar, she is appealing to the artists of the country that Bihar has the most obscene people. They say eat salt and roti…don’t come to Bihar at all. Haryanvi dancer has also exposed the prohibition law in Bihar along with obscenity.

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