This Superfast Train to Connect Haryana With Delhi. All You Need to Know

Indian Railways has decided to operate a super-fast train between Delhi and Hisar. Preparations are underway for the new train, and the Ministry of Railways will get the required elevated railway line laid on the route.

Haryana Urban Local Bodies Minister Dr Kamal Gupta informed that the government is discussing building a new superfast trains railway line between Delhi and Hisar. The initiative will increase the connectivity of Delhi Airport and Hisar Airport.

The main motive to introduce a new rail line is that if there is more air traffic at Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport, some air traffic can be diverted to Hisar Airport. Following this, Hisar airport can also be developed as an aviation hub.

Chief Minister Manohar Lal has discussed the details with Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav and it is known ten new railway stations will be built and a road will be constructed under the elevated railway line of Rohtak. The process of acquiring land in the area of Prithla and Palwal will begin soon. A link will be made to connect to the economic corridor.

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