Haryana’s Queen Sapna Chaudhary is back after a break with her another song ‘Lakhmichand ki tek’.

The was released on 25th May 2021. The singer of this beautiful song is Somvir Kathurwal. The song has crossed millions of views on youtube and is being loved by many people. Sapna Chaudhary is the female lead actress in Lakshmi Chand ki tek.

She is the heart of the Haryanvi industry. Sapna Chaudhary has millions of fan base on Instagram. With her amazing acting skills and top personality, she has already won the hearts of people. Ashish Nehra is the male face of this song. He has a huge fan base in the Haryanvi industry.

This song is being loved by the people. The chemistry between the two actors is just commendable. The visuals and effects in the videos are just wow. The director of Lakshmi Chand ki tek is Anishh. It is a film by Not X Art. The lyrics are penned down by Naveen Vishu Baba. Music is given by Gulshan Music. The publicity and design is by Sumit Bamal.

The is presented by dreams entertainment. The Channel Dreams entertainment is one of the famous Music label of the Haryanvi industry with millions of subscribers on youtube. The video was released on 25th may on the dreams entertainment channel and it has already created excitement all over the internet.

So guys go and tune in to this beautiful song by Somvir Kathurwal, starring Sapna Chaudary and Ashish Nehra.

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