Murdered absconding, became an actor, read how Haryana’s wanted criminal arrested after 30 years

Arrested by the Special Task Force of Haryana Police

A fugitive escaped 30 years ago. He avoided the police for these 30 years. Surprisingly, during this time he continued to act in films. He was arrested by the Special Task Force of Haryana Police on Sunday. Om Prakash is 65 years old now. His new film ‘Dabang Chhota Jaat Ka’ is about to release. An STF team stopped him near his house in Ghaziabad’s Harbans Nagar when he was out to buy a packet of milk.

The photo with the police did not look like it. But for weeks the police kept a watch on him. Om Prakash also accepted that he is actually Om Prakash of Panipat. The video clips of the films in which Om Prakash acted have garnered many thousands and even millions of views on YouTube.

STF officials said that Om Prakash is a resident of Naraina village of Samalkha tehsil of Panipat. For a few years, he served in the Signal Corps of the Army but was dismissed in 1988 after a four-year absence. Officials said Om Prakash became a criminal by indulging in theft and snatching. His crime records include theft of a car in 1986 in Sonipat, theft of a motorcycle and sewing machine in Panipat in 1990 and theft of a Bajaj Chetak scooter from Sonipat in 1990.

In 1992, Om Prakash was 35 years old. He tried to rob the bike rider Dharampal in Bhiwani. During this, he allegedly killed Dharampal by stabbing him. Police registered a case of murder against Om Prakash and started searching for him but he could not be found. STF officials said that after escaping, Om Prakash first went to Tamil Nadu, where he stayed for two years. But due to language problems and no income, he returned to North India. Om Prakash rented a house in Ghaziabad in 1994 but did not contact his family, wife and daughter in Panipat.

The search for Om Prakash started last year when the STF started investigation of wanted criminals and missing criminals in Haryana. The lead on Om Prakash came two months back, when Om Prakash made a WhatsApp call to his brother in Panipat. Once the STF had his number, they were able to track his location through surveillance. Om Prakash was brought to Bhiwani.

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