Experience the Vibrant Beats of Haryana: Haryanvi Teej Mela Tour 2023 Rocks Australia and New Zealand!

Haryanvi Teej Mela Tour

Haryanvi Teej Mela Tour

Get ready to celebrate the vibrant culture of Haryana on foreign soil as renowned artists Ajay Hooda, Pranjal Dahiya, Ak Jatti, VISHWASH CHAUHAN, and MD Desi Rock Star gear up to headline the Haryanvi Teej Mela Tour in Australia and New Zealand in July 2023. Organized by RR Productions, Cinetwon National, and Hunterz Group Production, this event promises to be an unforgettable extravaganza for fans of Haryanvi music and culture.

Teej is an auspicious festival celebrated with great enthusiasm in the northern regions of India, particularly in Haryana. It marks the onset of the monsoon and is dedicated to the goddess Parvati. Traditionally, Teej is a celebration of love and marriage, with women observing fasts and participating in vibrant cultural performances.

Now, the Haryanvi Teej Mela is all set to bring this joyous occasion to Australia and New Zealand, giving fans in these countries a taste of Haryanvi culture and music. The tour aims to create a bridge between the two lands, showcasing the rich traditions and vibrant heritage of Haryana to a global audience.

Ajay Hooda, a multi-talented artist known for his captivating lyrics and soulful voice, will be leading the star-studded lineup. Joining him will be the stunning Pranjal Dahiya

, a popular model whose electrifying stage presence has won hearts across the region. Ak Jatti, a talented female singer known for her melodious voice, will also grace the stage, adding her unique charm to the event.

VISHWASH CHAUHAN, a seasoned comedian with impeccable comic timing, will keep the audience entertained with his rib-tickling performances. MD Desi Rock Star, a renowned singer, will bring his energy and talent to the stage, ensuring an electrifying atmosphere throughout the tour.

The Haryanvi Teej Mela Tour is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the vibrant beats and traditional melodies of Haryana. From foot-tapping music to mesmerizing dance performances, the event promises to be a visual and auditory spectacle that will leave a lasting impression.

Peddler Media, a leading online news platform, encourages fans to mark their calendars for the Haryanvi Teej Mela Tour and experience the magic of Haryana in Australia and New Zealand. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting event that celebrates the spirit and cultural heritage of Haryana.

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