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Have you heard the new viral song “Bachpan ka Pyar”?

Instagram reels have made everyone addicted to it. Few days a Child’s reel got viral in that video he was singing the song ‘ bachpan ka Pyar in a very hilarious way. Half of the public started remixing his video. Many celebrities uploaded reels while lip-syncing the song. His name is Sahadev Dirdo. He is from Sukma in Chhatisgarh. He sang this two years ago in his classroom. Many of the singers in the Bollywood industry made reels on this sound.

Indian rapper Badshah got so impressed with his song and voice that he called him to Chandigarh. He also put a background sound with great beats on his video. The little child comes from a background where there is neither a television nor mobile phone and still he manages to sing this wonderful song. The video which got viral was shot by his teacher’s phone. People are surprised by his talent at such a small age with no gadgets. We wish that he achieves great heights in his life

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