Health Minister Dr. Banwari Lal T

Health Minister Directs Formation of Special Committees for Water Scarcity Monitoring

In a move to address the issue of water scarcity during the summer season, Health and Cooperation Minister Dr. Banwari Lal has directed senior officials to form special monitoring committees to keep a close watch on areas affected by water scarcity. The committees will help in identifying the areas that are most affected by water shortage and ensure that prompt action is taken to resolve any issues related to drinking water.

The minister has emphasized the need for proper arrangements for drinking water in every region of the state and urged citizens to cooperate with the authorities in reporting any problems related to drinking water. The state government has been taking several measures to tackle the issue of water scarcity in the state, including the construction of new dams and reservoirs, rainwater harvesting, and the implementation of water conservation measures.

With the formation of monitoring committees, the government aims to ensure immediate action in case of any water-related issues in the affected areas. The government’s efforts towards addressing the issue of water scarcity are commendable, and it is hoped that the situation will continue to improve in the future.

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