Hi! We’re the Marketing team! ! 👋

peddler media haryana

If you think we are another typical marketing department… Well, you are so wrong! 🙃 In our team, you will find experts from different fields: writers, graphic designers, outreach specialists, and researchers who put a lot of heart to make PMN India conversion skyrocket on every single level! 🚀

What do we exactly do? Based on current trends and our thorough research, we create articles and Digital PR campaigns quoted by key outlets of IT worlds like Forbes or PCMAG (no bragging, check THIS


Following the best SEO practices and effective backlink-building techniques, we bring our content and landing pages to the top of search engine rankings. 

We differ, but we have the same motivations – the crazy thirst for knowledge and the courage to test new strategies, leading us to build authority and trust for Tidio’s online presence. 

Sounds interesting? Read through to learn more👇

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